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Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva Open Int'l Institute for Mizrahi 
                          Judaic Studies and Eastern Medicine©

      Affilated to the Humanitarian Institute for Integrative, Pastoral & Natural Medicine

                              A Division of the Ha' Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad

Open Distant Education Apprenticeship based Ecclesiastical Institution for

                              Kingdom Leadership Training

Registered and Affilaited with the United Nations Global Compact & Ecomic Development and Social Affairs

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    Yahwah ELah and Ha' Ruwah Qodesh are the Keys to the foundation of the Torah and finding the Truth of the Garden of Eden. Seek Knowledge and seek the Way above and beyond just religion. Mizrahi Judaism is cultural and nationalistic Judaism. We aspire to build a Kingdom of Peace, Love and Brotherhood!!  

     "The Way! The global  Adenic Kingdom Civilization without borders. Establishing Effective Jewish-Israelite Leadership, building sustainable Adenic societies, promoting Natural Law, Rural humanitarian, Pastoral & emergency medicine, Integrative Family Life Care® & human rights to Govt's & Nations around the world"   Over 20 years of service to humanity!! 

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    Welcome to our Judaic Institute!
    This is an Open Distant learning research based apprenticeship ecclesiastical educational Institution. 

    Legally constituted & operated under the State of Georgia Exemption for Religious Institutes
    GA  §20-3-250. 3

    3694F Cascade Rd SW# 117 Atlanta, Georgia 30331
                                                  Office # 678-909-4422


                  Registered with the Open Educational Quality Inititive 

    Chartered by the Integrative Pastoral Medical Association Federal USPTO Registration #4,0093,251, An Integrated Auxiliary of the Mizrahi Israelite Int'l Rabbinical Council, a 501(C) 3  Un-Incorporated Non Profit Tax Exempt Religious Association & International Jewish Ecclesiastical Order

              Why choose an Independant Ecclesiastical Institute such as the 

                                                                        Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva?

    • To receive quality kingdom education in Mizrahi Jewish Leadership,  Integrative Jewish Pastoral Care, Near Eastern Judaic studies & evidence based Integrative & Eastern Medicine studies.
    • To prepare for professional faith/cultural based leadership and ministry and evidence based Natural Healthcare professions
    • To have your Profession, Business, Ministry, Community or organization Licensed, certified and recognized as providing standardized quality Kingdom professionalism and expertise.
    •  To become Licensed & Commissioned to Fulfill the Work of the Kingdom in Rabbinical & Kohanim Leadership, Jewish-Israelite Pastoral Care, or as a Rophe(healer/physicien) providing evidence based Naturopathic, Pastoral & Eastern Medicine or Professional Pastoral Counseling.
    • To secure Higher learning Certificate, Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral Level Certification or receive a quality Certificate or Direct Entry Apprenticeship Education in Holistic Health Studies, Pastoral and Eastern Medicine, Ministry, Pastoral Counseling Farming, etc.. etc...                    

    Cushite  Hebrew Yeshiva, the premier Open International Institute for  Mizrahi Judaic Studies & Eastern Medicine,   seek to promote Mizrahi Israelite-Jewish and Near Eastern literacy through outstanding study courses, clinical training, seminars and classes in Hebrew-Judaic culture & spirituality, Integrative Medicine therapies & health education, holistic lifestyle, Ministry and Leadership;

    Providing preparation for Israelite-Jewish Spiritual and Community Leadership-Examples: Mizrahi Rabbi, Moreh(Teacher), Nabi(Prophetic Ministry), Maggid.  (Preacher/Wisdom Teacher), Mizrahi Jewish Minister, Hebrew-Pastor(for gentiles and laymen), Shaliach (Ambassador), Shaphat(Rabbinical Judicial/Arbitration & Mediation), Kohanim(Priest), Rophe'im (Healer/Physician), Integrative Pastoral Counseling/Care, Mizrahi Hebrew Education, Mizrahi Hebrew-Jewish Home-Schooling, communal professions  and lifelong learning opportunities.

    Under the Auspices of either the Mizrahi  Israelite International Rabbinical Council for Sacerdotal Non Medical training or the Cushite Hebrew Int'l Apprenticeship & Certification Board for Integrative & Pastoral Medicine  aka the Integrative Pastoral Medical Association(Federal USPTO Registered) for missionary medicine based training & in affiliation to Edenic Light Integrative Family Life Care® & Humanitarian Institute for Integrative, Pastoral & Natural Medicine(the Ministry of Health & Rehabilitative services), CHY aims to be a cutting edge Yeshiva & prophetic vessel with the most enlightened school of prophetic ministers in the World.

    Welcoming Talmidim(disciples) of all backgrounds, Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva offers many entry points, from beginner's  to advanced level Mizrahi Israelite-Jewish studies, through its Absorption Division, Academic Division, apprenticeship Kohanim and Ministerial  Schools, Home-Schooling Division(k-12th) and  Holistic Heath Education Division.  Students work independently and closely with dedicated, certified and licensed faculty and family who are personally invested in their progress.

    Expanding access to advanced Judaic based education, Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva offers various Diplomas and Bachelors/Masters/Doctoral Certifications in Jewish Integrative Pastoral Care with focuses in Pastoral Psychology, Eastern Medicine, including Naturopathic, Homeopathic, Homo-Toxicology, Traditional Oriental Medicine, Mid-wifery and Integrative Therapies, Hebrew Education, Community Administration;  Master's of Hebrew Letters in Rabbinical and Kohanim Studies, Netzarim Pastoral ministerial training and Hebrew  Education.  The College also offers  Hebrew language courses, both on campus and via distance learning.

    This is a Open Distant learning Research based apprenticeship Educational Institution.


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