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Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva-Open Int'l Institutes®
Legally constituted & operated under the State of Georgia Exemption for Religious Institutes GA§20-3.250.3
Global Academic Study Centre in Collaberation with Gov't registered Colleges, Institutions & Universities
Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva Open In't Institutes®
  •   Operates as a Global Study Centre for International government registered & accreditted Universities, Colleges and Institutions, offering diverse educational opportunities via our various Colleges & Faculties:
  • Colleges and Faculty of Humanitarin Integrative & Pastoral Medicine®;-offers professional & faith based undergraduate & post-graduate courses in integrative, traditional, humanitarian and pastoral medicine® geared towards equipping board certified and licensed/registered healthcare practitioners who are seeking to expand their knowledge and clinical skill in the field of integrative pastoral medicine® and for Humanitarian & Emergency  outreach.
  • College & faculty of Mizrahi Rabbinical & Theologicaal Studies- offers quality indepth academic, spiritual, prophetic & cultural training for those who are called to serve the diaspora Orthodox Mizrahi Jewish Community. Equipping Leaders to effectively teach & apply Torah & Jewish Law in every area of Jewish life. Preparing those called to fulfill the offices of Rabbi, Cohen(priests), Nabi(prophetic jewish leadership), Shaliach(global jewish ambassadors), Maggid(Jewish Preachers & Wisdom teachers), Moreh(Teachers), Shaphat(Rabbinical Arbitrators) & Jewish Pastors(Ro'eh)  
  • College of Business, Leadership, Vocational & Technical Studies- Offers various certifications & diplomas in business, management & global leadership & technical diplomas for entreprenual empowerment. Apprenticeship hands on training in areas such as Fencing, Farming, Vegetarian Culninary Arts, Beauty Therapists, Spa Technicians, Integrative Pastoral Massage Therapy, Pastoral Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Techs,  Providing quality education to prepare students for diverse careers
  • College of  Near Eastern & Judaic Studies-Offering comprehensive critical studies in Jewish Studies( Rabbinic, Enochic & Essene), Biblical Archeology  & Anthropology, Comparative cultural and religious studies
  • College of Jewish Life-Long Learnng -Offering cultural ingraftment and foundational studies for the growing young Mizrahi Jew-Israelite or converting gentile. offering both individual & certificate courses for cultural & Spiritual enrichment
  • Ministry of Mizrahi Jewish Home-schooling-providing academic & educational resources for Mizrahi Home-schooling. Brining diaspora families together in local areas & virtual social media for the purposes of networking & building a stronger unified bond to more effective encourage home-schoo
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Colleges and Faculty of Humanitarin Integrative & Pastoral Medicine®
& Pastoral Medical Institute for Sickle Cell & Thalassemia

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  College & faculty of Mizrahi Rabbinical & Theologicaal Studies--
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College of Business, Leadership, Technical & Vocational Studies-  read more
College of  Near Eastern & Judaic Studies- read more
College of Jewish Life-Long Cultural & Spiritual Learnng  read more

Ministry of Mizrahi Jewish Home-schooling--  read more
Principles, Philosphy & Therapuetic Modalties of the Science of Pastoral Medicine & Integrative Family Life Care®- Understanding the Medical principles that comprise Pastoral Healthcare & the innovative 21st Century solution to primary healthcare, community wellness & pastoral mental health under faith based Kingdom  initiativeque  read more